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Founded a quarter of a century ago, Biophyt Ltd is active in sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. In particular, Biophyt Ltd is concerned with the sensible recycling of organic matter.

Biophyt Ltd advises and trains operators of composting and methanisation plants as well as producers of compost products, users of compost and digestates and authorities.

One of the strengths of Biophyt Ltd is the management of product quality and optimization of their use strategies to promote soil fertility and plant health.

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Producing (micro-) biologically high quality compost is a prerequisite to ensure its long term sells, without harming the environment but to enhance plant vigor and health.

High quality composts are by far not wastes, they are valuable ingredients in modern plant production.

About us

Biophyt Ltd is an institute for agricultural and ecological research and consultation.

Services of Biophyt Ltd:

  • Consulting
  • Training and Investigation
  • Screening testing
  • Specific studies
  • Research and Development

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Platn protection
In cooperation, among others with the Federal Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Frick, Switzerland), Biophyt Ltd is investigating new plant protection agents and formulations to enhance plant health.

Biophyt Ltd consults compost plants, provider of plant growth media on compost base, user of composts and the administration.


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