Plant Protection

Biofitac Pf1

Principle of function

Pseudomonas fluorescens Stamm strain "Biophyt Pf1".

This bacterium activates the biological soil life, increases the microbiological equilibrium in the soil and invigorates the plants. Plant grow improves and disease infestations get reduced.


Soil (free field or green house): 1 Litre "Biofitac Pf1" per 100 m2.

After soil steam treatment: use, as soon as soil temperature drops below 40 °C (1 Litre "Biofitac Pf1" per 100 m2).

Compost: 10 Litre per 1 m3 at the beginning or during the ripening process (after heating phase)

Substrate: Incorporate 10 Litre per 1 m3

Delivering packages

  1. "Biofitac Pf1"Kulturstarter (starter)
  2. Kulturmediumkonzentrat (breeding concentrate)

Mode of application

  1. Dissolve the breeding concentrate in water in a fermenting vessel
  2. Pour "Biofitac Pf1" starter in an open fermenting vessel and stir for 24 hours at room temperature
  3. Apply"Biofitac Pf1"



About us

Biophyt Ltd is an institute for agricultural and ecological research and consultation.

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Platn protection
In cooperation, among others with the Federal Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Frick, Switzerland), Biophyt Ltd is investigating new plant protection agents and formulations to enhance plant health.

Biophyt Ltd consults compost plants, provider of plant growth media on compost base, user of composts and the administration.


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